Montana Owls Global Stars Of Online Night Vision Cameras

Long Eared Owls stars of online night vision cameras
Photo: Geshatara/Flickr

Long Eared and Great Horned owl are unassuming birds of prey. With declining populations and little known habits they are something of a mystery as well. But now, with the help of small infrared night vision cameras they are the new stars of the internet.

How Are Night Vision Cameras Helping?

The media organisation has partnered with the Owl Research Institute in Montana and put several infrared nightvision cameras at their nesting sites. Viewers can go online at anytime and observe the birds and their nocturnal habits here.

“No one has ever witnessed a long-eared owl over a period of time like this, let alone with the sights and sounds in such an intimate way,” Denver Holt, founder and president of the ORI, told

Through the use of live cameras, researchers hope to learn more about the owls’ nesting behavior, parental duties, chick rearing and communication patterns.

What You Can See

Viewers will be able to observe the owls’ bi-parenting behavior, where the female owls incubate the eggs and care for the chicks while the males provide food and protection. In addition to the live feeds, viewers will also be able to participate in live question-and-answer broadcasts with Holt and his team.”

You can take the opportunity now and view the live streaming webcams here. Try snapping your own screen shots and posting them as well as taking part in live Q & A sessions.

Its nice to see that night vision technology can be used for conservation as well as hunting whihc gives everything a bit more balance we think