Night Vision Manufacturers And Brands

When you are talking about night vision manufacturers then there are some big names in there. Some have been in the market for decades and are well establiched. Other night vision manufacturers are new young and hungry. Sometimes it is these new kids on the block that offer some of the most exciting equipment and technology applications

So what I will be doing here is listing the companies producing night vision devices and equipment and giving you some information to go with them. That will include a link so you can see a lot more information than I can put here along with products, reviews and where you can buy them from

Buy Night Owl Optics Night VisionNight Owl Optics

Night Owl Optics are one of the most prolific nights vision manufacturers around in the market today and produce a great range of quality night vision equipment. Covering the whole range from NV binoculars to monoculars and goggles most use traditional technology such as the electron intensifier tube.

But recently Night Owl have started to try and develop their own patented technology. They say this is cutting edge and an improvemnt on existing tech. The iGen 20/20 developments are claimed to be better than a lot of Gen 2 devices and even to come up to Gen 3 standards. Of course if true then the reduction of costs to achieve these standards is a real winner

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ATN Night Vision binoculars, monoculars, goggles and scopesATN Night Vision (American Technologies Network Corp)

ATN are one of the old guard in terms of night vision equipment. They have been around over 20 years and are a constant presence. They have perhaps one of the largest ranges of NV devices, supplying law enforcement authorities and the military.

Products cover the whole range including laser sights, scopes, binoculars and monoculars. Whilst perfecting traditional image intensifying technology, ATN have a massice R&D budget leading to recent devel;opments like ODIN and the New OTS-X Series of multi-use thermal monoculars

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Bushnell Night Vision devicesBushnell Outdoor Products

In the world of optics, there is not a lot that Bushnell don’t make and this includes night vision equipment.

Probably best known for their entry level monoculars and goggles ideal for those wanting surveillance, camping or night time wildlife observation equipment at a lower price. They are adept at knowing what their customers want. Solid rugged simple solutions that work. At a price that’s affordable

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Yukon Night Vision DevicesYukon Advanced Optics

Yukon are a pretty young company having started only back in 1994. But they have made big inroads into the night vision, security and hunting market pretty quickly. This is due to their high tech night vision devices produced for a reasonable price and pretty good quality all aound

Their main headquarters is based over in Lithuania in Europe although also have divisions in USA, UK, China and Russia under various names including Pulsar Systems USA, Inc here in US.

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